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Koa Coffee: Products & Services

Koa Coffee offers a variety of world class kona coffees and gifts from Hawaii. Having visited Hawaii three times myself, I have fond memories of kona coffee and enjoyed drinking it black. Their website trumpets the following information and awards: Koa Coffee offers "100% pure Kona coffee beans," and was the "winner of the 2002 Gevalia Kona Cupping Award and 2004 PCCA Coffee of the year."  A further kudo cites that Koa Coffee "is the coffee that Forbes said is the "Best Coffee in America"."

Koa Coffee: Company Background

Koa Coffee hails from Hawaii and their plantation, which was started in 1997, is located in the town of Captain Cook which is located on "the slopes of the Hawaiian volcano, Mauna Loa, at the ideal elevation of 2,500 ft." Here is the full address with phone numbers: 

  • Koa Coffee Plantation
  • P.O. Box 38, Captain Cook, HI 96704-0038
  • Phone Toll Free: 866-koa-java (866-562-5282)

Marin Artukovich started the plantation in 1997 as a "small backyard business only producing 38,000 pounds of coffee in its first year." By 2010, their Coffee production, after nearly doubling each year, had reached a production level of over 700,000 pounds by 2010.  Kona's Best Natural Coffee, or KNBC is now the majority stakeholder and carries out their business still as Koa Coffee Plantation.

Koa Coffee: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Koa Coffee proudly displays some reviews on their website from Forbes, Culinary Thymes and Sweet Maria's. Another review by Randy Glass published in 2008 on kona coffee from the Koa Coffee plantation reported that the given sample of an 8 ounce bag of Kona Grande Domaine Single Estate was delicious! While Consumer Reports did not seem to have a specific review for Koa Coffee, they point out that "Americans consume about 25 percent of the world's coffee," and that the "average coffee drinker enjoys 3.3 cups a day," which makes Kona coffee an affordable treat and definitely worth brewing and tasting. Similarly, Google + does not as of yet have a listed review of the plantation site.

Koa Coffee: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness shows that Marin Artukibich is listed as the Owner of Koa Coffee Plantation and that the company "employs 5 to 9 people and has an annual revenue of $2.5 to 5 million."  The site states that 17 coffee farm companies are registered in Captain Cook, Hawaii, so this is the ideal location, as stated by Koa Coffee to produce a great product. Matt Sedensky, of the Associated Press, wrote an article for the Honolulu Star Bulletin in May of 2004 that shows a photo of Marin and states that during peak season, 45 people are employed there.  The popularity of kona coffee is summed up by stating, in that article, that "Aficionados are driven to Kona coffee's unique taste, and with supply short, there's barely enough to go around," so it is definitely worth tasting! In 2004, the Pacific Coast Coffee Association rewarded the Koa Coffee Plantation with the Best Beans award.

Koa Coffee: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

The website has well over 100 sites linking in and recently had an Alexa ranking of around 350,000 in the USA and a global ranking under 1.4 million and is reported as being on-line since 1998. A site that checks the Google Page Rank of Koa Coffee returned a PageRank of 3/10 or which is a value of 3 from a possible 10 points. displays a graph where over the last few months, Koa Coffee's website has received from 3,000 to pushing 7,000 unique monthly visitors. Hawaii recognized Koa Coffee's website in 2003 as third best in the state wide "best in kona coffee website" competition and to be certain, the site is easily navigated today.

Koa Coffee: Social Media Presence

Koa Coffee does not appear to have a huge social media presence as of this writing or a blog, but they have a 'Kona Coffee Club' where you will receive discounted pricing and a free gift in addition to monthly deliveries of coffee. On Facebook, Koa Coffee has 32 likes and a comment from Dennis, at a fine art gallery in California where Koa Coffee is served. On Twitter, Koa Coffee has promoters but I do not as of yet, see their company hashtag.

Koa Coffee: Website Security & Safety

Google's safe browsing diagnostic check states that nothing untoward or malicious has been associated with the Koa Coffee website and that it has not acted as an intermediary for the infection of any other sites over the last 90 days. When placing an order via their website, a secure connection is established when adding your customer information, through to the checkout and confirmation. All in all, the security and on-line order functionality of the website is exceptional.

Koa Coffee: Pricing & Packages

Kona coffee is such a unique item that blends are often sold to keep costs down. The pricing of Koa Coffee is within the normal range of competitors. The Triple Pack of award winning coffee is an ideal first purchase and sells for only $35.95. The three 1/2 lb. coffees included in this offer are:

  • Grande Domaine Kona Coffee
  • Koa Estate Kona Coffee
  • Exclusive Private Reserve

5 pack offerings are also available and there is a gift shop on the website that includes items in addition to coffee.

Koa Coffee: Shipping Rates & Policies

Koa Coffee offers multiple shipping methods to include FedEx and US Priority Mail. You can enter your specific location and compare shipping rates during the checkout process and select the option that is best for you. Customers who live abroad should contact customer service to determine if they can work out a shipping solution that meets their unique situation. Use KOA Coffee's toll free number: 866-562-5282 to do this. Shipments are made on Monday through Friday and international orders can be tracked that way; just select the international option online.

Koa Coffee: Payment Methods Accepted

Koa Coffee accepts various forms of payment methods that includes all those normally associated with e-commerce and shopping on-line. MasterCard, Visa & American Express are the preferred methods of payment. Should you want to discuss an alternative payment method or inquire about a coupon that you have found, be sure to contact the customer service of Koa Coffee prior to placing your order or joining their coffee club. PayPal is an option, especially if you have the accompanying credit or debit card.

Koa Coffee: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

The company stands behind their product and states that "If for any reason you are unhappy with your coffee or our service, we will gladly replace your beans free of charge or refund your money." There is no evidence online that conflicts with the stated return & refund policy of the company; honoring their mission is how they aim to make long-term customers.

Koa Coffee: Product images & screenshots
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